Enjoy pest-free, pet proof food separation with the compost bin that traps and seals odor particles completely.

100,000 units sold in Korea,

where food separation has been mandatory since 2005

Absolutely Odorless
The negative pressure naturally created during the composting process pulls and traps any odor particles so that they stay inside the bin for days.

Easy to Use
Lid conveniently hangs on the bin so that you can put away food waste as you go. The handle allows you to keep your distance when discarding the compost.

Lasts you forever
Non-porous surface doesn’t absorb smell, so it will stay fresh no matter. Enjoy the unbeatable durability for decades and more.

18% Chrome, 8% Nickel,

0% Nonsense. Anti-rust, nonabsorbent stainless steel makes a perfect vessel to contain the wettest, smelliest stuff in the kitchen.

Start Composting

Composting doesn’t only make the waste management more sustainable - it also makes a hygienic home. Follow a step by step guide and start composting now

Compost once, 3X the impact.

Keeping food waste out of landfills can mitigate significant greenhouse gas emissions, reduce processing burdens from waste management facilities, and expand usable land for communities. Learn how Korea has been separating food waste for 25 years and successfully eliminated 95% of the food waste.

From the people
From the people
We noticed that our garbage became clean after we started composting. Our everyday trash run turned into a twice a week chore.
— Tomeu, Brooklyn
From the people
You don’t need anything else. It’s easy to use and goes well with any kitchen design - it just blends into the countertop scene
— Eunsoo, Seoul
From the people
With 7-month-old crawling around opening everything under 3 feet, keeping the compost under the sink wasn’t an option. Vatya can stay on the counter, no problem
— Badal, Manhattan
From the people
Moving from California, I never thought I would compost in Texas. But that changed
— Anna, Dallas
From the people
Millions of homes in Korea tested, used, and reviewed many more millions of compost bins over 25 years - and we proudly distanced ourselves from the pack.
— Min Jun Kim, CEO, Vatya Korea