At VATYA we have been making stainless steel kitchen and dinner ware for 35 years.

Making something that is so easy to love is what we do best.

We know that the look doesn’t mean much if they don’t work. So we save the flare and always put utility and longevity first. And that’s why we look so good on the kitchen counter and dining table.

We believe that the things that last are better for us and better for the earth. We made the most functional, durable, and elegant compost bins, so that you would hold on to them through the years to come and keep on composting.

We came a long way.
Vatya started as an industry darling of the 88’ Seoul Olympics, containing delicious and nutritious Korean food for the athletes and foreign press during the first big international event in Korea. Since then, we have always put quality and convenience first with our top-grade stainless steel kitchenware and dining ware.

We start from the highest quality material.
In all of our products, we use 304 stainless steel that contains 18% Chrome and 8% Nickel. The material’s anti-rust property allows our kitchenware to weather years of daily exposure to water, heat, scratches, and grime. We also used high-density walnut in all wood parts so that they don’t twist and turn over time.

We put them through the wringer.
From thousands of home kitchens to the toughest commercial kitchen, Vatya has been through it all. We learned that the compost bins belongs on the kitchen counter and under the sink. We know that the cleaner it is for you to take out the food waste, the more likely you’ll stick to the ritual of composting.