Our Philosophy

Ever since we started making stainless steel kitchenware back in 1988, we have always prioritized the quality and durability. The first stainless steel bins we have created back then are still around - and still being used.

Buy Once, Use For Life

Vatya is made to last longer and withstand wear and tear, so you won’t need a replacement in the future. The more durable we make our products, the less likely you will need another. Nearly 100% of our second time customers are buying Vatya as a gift, not to replace their original Vatya - so that their friends and family can enjoy it for a lifetime, too.

Utility Driven Sustainability

In our early days, one of our first customers told us that because she has Vatya, she doesn’t look for anything else. Our emphasis on creating something that just works - easy to use, doesn’t break, and go with everything - leads to less ‘things’ in your kitchen. And that’s a great thing for the environment.

Part Of A Bigger Story

We strive to minimizes the consumption of raw materials, energy, and other resources required for manufacturing and distributing new items. By extending the lifespan of a product, we are lowering the environmental impact of manufacturing and distrubition - and mitigate the strain on ecosystems and reduce pollution.